Jurassic Mountain – An Anglers Dream

Fishing parks or lakes are no new concept in Thailand, there are a number of well established lakes in the country, especially in and around Bangkok. Most offer the chance to catch monster sized carp, arapaima, catfish, and a whole host of other exotic fish which grow to huge sizes due to the tropical climate in Thailand.

These lakes have become very popular over the last 10 years with both recreational anglers and the more serious anglers who travel to Thailand on fully fledged fishing holidays. Most of the lakes are a fairly basic affair and can have a slightly commercial feel to them and whilst these fishing parks will satisfy the majority of anglers wishing to catch huge fish in an exotic country, there is a fantastic alternative, Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort.

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-LakeJurassic Mountain Fishing Resort offers a whole new fishing experience

Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort is in Cha-am, which is right next to the popular beach resort town, Hua Hin, and only a 2 hour drive south from the bright lights of Bangkok. The specially designed sport fishing venue belongs to a new breed of fishing parks. Jurassic still offers the chance to catch huge specimen fish, but does so with all of the comforts you would expect from a 4 star hotel. Mix this with the dramatic location set amongst steep limestone mountains and vibrant rice paddies, and you have the recipe for a dream destination for every angler around the globe.


Jurassic’s lake is well stocked with 17 species of fish including Giant Siamese Carp, Indian Carp, Arapaima, Mekong Giant Catfish, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Thai Redtail Catfish, Chao Praya Catfish, Niger Ripsaw Catfish, Giant Snakehead, Tambaqui, Giant Gourami, Pacu, Alligator Gar and more.

The holy grail for most visitors to Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort and other fisheries in Thailand is the Arapaima. Originally from South America, these prehistoric looking monsters are at the top of every anglers list. Arapaima at Jurassic grow to a whopping 136kg/300lb. If you hook into one of these beasts then you had better be prepared for a fight, Arapaima can sometimes take hours to reel in, but landing one of these magnificent fish would be worth the trip alone.

Another much sought after fish at Jurassic is the Siamese Carp, these beasts can grow up to 80kg/176lb and they are still growing! I personally landed a 45lb Siamese Carp on pretty much the last cast of the day. I was taking a break from ledger fishing, using a float rod with a light waggler set up. The huge carp took the bait on the drop which was quite a surprise, it was an almighty strong take and a 40 minute fight to reel it in!

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-FishingThis Siamese Carp was great sport on a float rod, I hooked it on the last cast of the day

To get the most out of fishing at Jurassic, 2 days or more of fishing are recommended. During that time you can expect to catch a number of decent sized Carp, Catfish, and Arapaima, you will also have a good chance of catching one of the lakes monsters. Seasoned anglers will have better chances of landing more fish, but gillies are at hand anytime to offer tips and assistance to anybody who requires help.

The Lake

The lake at Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort is surrounded by stunning scenery nestled in the Thai countryside. The backdrop is provided by steep craggy limestone mountains and lush green paddyfields, which provide a truly exotic feeling whilst fishing. The lake has been specially designed, excavated and stocked for the specific purpose of sport fishing.

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-LakeJurassic’s purpose built lake in the picturesque Thai countryside

Each of the 17 swims around the lake all offer space, privacy, comfort and shaded area’s underneath private sala’s. The limited number of fishing pegs ensure anglers get to enjoy both the fishing and countryside in peace and quiet.

Food and drinks can be delivered directly to anglers at their fishing pegs for those who never like to leave their swim unattended. For those who wish to take a break from fishing, you could always take a refreshing swim in the resorts pool or walk around the lake to meet other guests from around the world.

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-FishingReeling in a 45lb Siamese Carp at sunset. Magic!

Fishing starts at 7:15am every day and finishes at either 6:30pm or sunset, whichever is first. Due to Thailand’s global position, there is not much difference in sunset times throughout the year so most fishing days will end at around 6:30pm. One of the best parts of the day is waking up early, sipping a coffee and watching the huge specimens rolling on the top of the lake. Another unforgettable moment is around sunset, where you can take in the magnificent sky’s, it is also a fantastic time for fishing, so there is a great chance you could be reeling in one of the lakes monsters with a surreal backdrop of red sky’s, mountains and palm tree’s.

The Resort

The moment you step foot into Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort, you know you have arrived at somewhere special. The first things that greet you are the swimming pool and manicured tropical gardens which suddenly make you think you are in the wrong place, surely no fishing park is this luxurious! Well you definitely are in the right place, Jurassic has been specially designed to provide anglers with a unique fishing experience which combines 4 star luxury accommodation and world class fishing.

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-AccommodationTropical gardens and swimming pool in the luxurious resort

Rooms are tastefully decorated with quality fittings. All rooms feature a separate area with flat screen t.v and dvd player, air conditioning, hot showers, fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, and front terrace area with table and chairs. Various sleeping options are available such as twin, double and family suites.

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-AccommodationThe high spec rooms are very comfortable with quality decor

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-AccommodationThe tropical gardens leading down to Jurassic’s lake

Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort also has an onsite restaurant, bar and lounge area overlooking the magnificent scenery around the lake. The restaurant serves up tasty European and Thai cuisine as well as refreshing shakes, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages including cocktails and both local and European beer. Non fishing guests can relax here in style during the daytime as you will get full access to all of Jurassic’s facilities as long as you are staying at the resort.

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-RestaurantThe restaurant area looking over the scenic lake

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-RestaurantThe restaurant serves high quality western and Thai food all day


Jurassic Mountain Team

Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort is managed and run by Eddy Mounce, who is a fishing expert originally from the UK. Eddy’s love for fishing began in the UK where he gained qualifications in fish studies and aquaculture, and fishery management. After working at one of the UK’s top fisheries, Eddy then moved to Thailand where he continued his passion for angling by setting up a guided fishing tour business.

The first time I came across Eddy was actually on Robson Greens Extreme Fishing TV programme where he personally guided Robson around Thailand to some of the countries best fishing locations. In 2015 I got to meet Eddy myself when I visited Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort. It was immediately clear to me that Eddy is a serious angler, and along with his vast knowledge on anything fishing, he is also great company and a fantastic host who will go out of his way to please anyone who fishes at Jurassic.

Jurassic mountain eddy mounceEddy was the perfect host during our time at Jurassic

Jurassic’s team also includes very friendly staff who will cater for all of your needs when it comes to relaxing in the restaurant, lounge, and bar. They are also genuinely interested in guests fishing experience’s and will often ask you how you are getting on, and what fish you have caught.

Gillies/fishing guides are at hand at all times whilst fishing around the lake. They can do as little or as much as you like, but for the vast majority of visitors they only assist with landing and netting fish. If needed they can also assist with baiting up swims and casting out. It was very clear to me that the gillies love what they do, they are all locals and seemed enthusiastic about fishing. The best thing for me was they want you to catch fish and are genuinely happy for you when you do, they will also gladly take photo’s of your catches too.

Jurassic’s gillies are always there when needed

Jurassic-Mountain-Thailand-FishingOne of Jurassic’s gillies showing me the ropes with a tricky waggler setup

Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort Location

Jurassic Mountain Fishing Resort is in Cha-am district which is only a 2 hour drive south from Bangkok and a 30 minute drive from the popular beach resort town, Hua Hin.

Private transfers are available from your hotel in Bangkok, direct to Jurassic Mountain.


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